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Our mission is to provide an exceptional social networking experience that will allow everyone to find long-lasting relationships in their own community.


What is Hayle?

Hayle helps you discover friends, events and communities
through common interests and hobbies.


Create your profile

All you need is your name and one main interest.

Add more hobbies

You can select up to 5 interests from many different categories.

Find people in your area who have the same interests as you

Easily connect with people around your area, matched through the interests and hobbies you set in your profile.

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Join groups with people who share the things you love

Or start your own group and find others who want to join you!

Discuss your favourite topics

Start talking about the things you love with others in the community.

Organize an event

Choose the time, date and location of an event and share it within the community. Engage in new friendships and meet up!


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Discover the things that matter to you

Participate in events, discussions and communities all in your area.

Keep updated with the different communities you’ve joined

Events and discussions from all your communities will appear on your newsfeed, making it easy to stay in touch.

Start or join a spontaneous hang-out

Users can create a live event which will appear on the newsfeed of like-minded individuals.

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