About Us

The majority of the team are students located in Ottawa. 

We are working hard to create an app that will help you Find Your People.

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Our story

Throughout our post-secondary life, we noticed that it was difficult to make long lasting friendships. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger wasn’t always easy and those connections were often short lived. That’s why we created Hayle. 

Hayle is a social networking mobile application that enables users to connect with local people based on their common interests. Rather than being a friend collection book, a popularity competition, a boasting platform or a “hook-up app”, Hayle is focused on offering a solution for a problem many people face – isolation. Hayle finds individuals beyond age and gender; it’s all about the mutual interest(s). The matches made on Hayle will always be with people that share a common ground, which will lead to stronger friendships and healthier relationships.

Hayle also provides ways to join and create communities, where users can discuss the things they love with one another. Users can choose to jump right in, or gradually engage themselves into discussions, communities and live events. We believe that bringing back human interaction and getting people involved in their own city will fill the void that social media has created.

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